I started this blog several years ago intending to write silly stories about my adventures in New Mexico. I’ve had plenty of adventures, but the lazy took over and I took a few years off from writing.

That being said, my name is Georgia. I have squirrel mind or ‘oh look shiny’ of the brain so I dabble in all sorts of creative projects. I used to go hiking or backpacking every weekend, but then I started doing wood burning and carvings. After that I tried my hand at making tables, and bookshelves. Scattered throughout those activities I would write silly short stories.

I moved from NM to Korea for a year and now I live in England. I’ve had some incredible adventures over the last few years and grown immensely as a person.

One more thing; I’m finally an adult haha! I just finished writing a middle grade adventure/fantasy book and I’m in the process of editing it and having other humans beta it for me. I’m learning how to celebrate small victories and shift my mindset to allow me to feel success.

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